Great Fundraising Ideas

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One of the best ways to raise money for a benefit is to have a fundraiser. There are countless fundraising ideas out there, so if you’re looking for one really good one for the benefit you’re directing, then start researching now! Fundraisers are some of the best ways to draw in money, because chances are you’re selling stuff that other people are definitely interested in buying! From chocolates, to catalogs filled with random items for sale, whatever fundraising idea you choose to run with, you’ll be sure to earn plenty of money toward your benefit!

Even if you’re not hosting a benefit but instead are trying to raise money for your school, you’ll be able to get your hands on some really great ideas! Check these ideas at, school fundraising ideas in Melbourne and Sydney are often unique from other ideas, because the stuff they sell in the catalog are all things that are appropriate for all ages, and not to mention the items in the catalogs are usually things chosen through surveys taken by previous customers.

Some of the great fundraising ideas floating around often have to do with addictive foods, such as chocolate. Chocolate fundraisers are one of the best kinds of fundraisers in existence, because there are so many varieties of chocolate, and just about everyone loves the stuff! Chocolate comes in countless flavours, from countless countries, and is uniquely made from each individual company, so when it comes to selling chocolate through a fundraiser, you can guarantee that you’ll find a great deal of people willing to line up as customers for you.

Growing up as a kid, chances are your mother constantly told you not to eat the raw cookie dough. It makes sense, considering it has raw eggs in it, and that she’s also trying to bake cookies with it… But you just can’t help it because cookie dough is just so darn good! Read the paragraph below for creative and unique fundraising ideas at Perth Australia. Cookie dough fundraising is one of the most successful fundraisers right next to chocolate ones. They bring in a lot of money, and you’d be surprised see just how much of the stuff some people will buy! And you’d be equally as surprised if you found out just how many of those customers didn’t actually bake the cookies, but instead ate the stuff raw!

Raffle fundraising is often done by adults for more serious benefits, because instead of purchasing items from a catalog, you’re literally just gambling on tickets and hoping that they draw your number when it’s time. The chances of you walking home with anything after a raffle fundraiser are exceedingly low, because most of the money gained through the raffle will go straight towards the benefit. Raffle fundraisers are often used when the benefit is being run to support a serious event taking place, such as a natural disaster relief, or for a family member in the hospital because they draw in so much money while offering very little in return.